1997 Hacks

Warning: These hacks were written quickly under intense pressure and while under the influence of both sugar and caffeine. Therefore, they come with absolutely no assurances that they will work. In fact, they may cause data loss, hair loss, and/or the loss of your wife or husband. In other words, if you install these, you are on your own. Have fun!

AEGizmo Equivalentby Eric Hon-AndersonFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
Alias SizerThis INIT provides for aliases to have SIZE resources and will override the SIZE in the appliation to which the alias points. by Barry SemoFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
Animated IconsThis extension displays quicktime movies, animated icons, pictures, and plays sounds associated with icons and can speak a string or the filename as well. by Keith Stattenfield & Doug ClarkeFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
Appearance ManglerThis doodad is a simple hack that is built to run beneath Kaleidoscope. It causes Kscope to draw interface elements from different schemes at random, resulting in a bit of a schizophrenic GUI. by Jon Gotow & Greg LandwebberFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
BaboonHelpPatches Balloon Help to produce speaking baboons to deliver balloon help messages. by David McLeod and Sean Langley and Jordan Zimmerman and Loïc VanderykenFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
Bill BootThis extension patches out the Macintosh boot sequence with a more PC-like sequence. by Eric TrautFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
Brought to you by...Finally, a great way to make money. Mac Sponsorship! By Christopher EvansFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
Bugs in My SerialThis is a really sick hack that gives you MacsBug over the serial port to any VT100 terminal. by Bill Hubauer, Brian Zuk, Geoff Wenger, John Wallace FTP Site #1FTP Site #2
ChainA keychain Application. Written by Steve Bollinger, Steve Falkenburg, and Dave FalkenburgFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
ComeBackHereComeBackHere is an extension that improves the user interface for windows. It makes them more intuituve. by David KamholzFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
ContextWarriorDrop this Init into your extensions folder and if you are running CodeWarrior under MacOS 8, it now has contextual menus.FTP Site #1FTP Site #2
Crash & BurnThis hack requires a special version of MacsBug that may or may not have been released yet. You probably will not be able to use this, but here it is anyway! by Bill HubauerFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
DefragDefrag is an extension that defragments fragmented files after they're closed. While defragmenting the file, it tells you what it's doing and plays a sound. by Jim LutherFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
Die HardThe Die Hard file is a scripting addition that can kill an application immediately from an AppleScript. It doesn't send a Quit Apple event. Just kills immediately. by Cal SimoneFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
Dis-AppearanceI don't like light grey. This extension removes light grey from your existence. I find that this makes the Mac OS 8 Finder much more beautiful. by Brian BechtelFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
EDO HackThis hack downloads a html file based upon the name of the program. It then puts up a dialog that shows a list of all links in the file. by Don Arbow and Marc A. RaiserFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
Electron WorldGo through the transporter and collect time keys without getting electrocuted! By Travis DeMello and Andy Furnas (Belle Sherman Elementary School Grade 3)FTP Site #1FTP Site #2
Energizer BugThis is a Macsbug dcmd that will wake up a sleeping Energy Star monitor. by Jon GotowFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
Finder DungeonExplore your disks, folders, etc by traversing the dungeon halls of your folders. by Christopher EvansFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
HackManHere are two dandy hacks that show The Power Of AppleScript. Dancing Desktop move the icons on the desktop around the screen. HackMan is PacMan for your desktop.FTP Site #1FTP Site #2
Higher TekHigher Tek is an interface replacement for the Macintosh OS. It completely changes the look and feel of your system, from the boring standard grays to a futuristic darker more techno look. by Matthew NolanFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
Invisible JEDIA simple init that dynamically positions the desktop pattern in response to a control-shift-click-drag in the desktop area by Eric ColeFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
Jasik Park - The Lost UIThis skanky hack will give you some of the Jasik User Experience in your desktop. by Marc Sherman and Gavriel StateFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
PredatorPreyForwardMotionVR game like flight simulator by James UllreyFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
Keyed MenusKeyedMenus allows you to dynamically re-assign your menu shortcuts while the menus are down. by jbxFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
Kitten On The Keysby Eric Hon-AndersonFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
Klingon BG AppKlingon BG App is a background only application that announces the time in one minute intervalsFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
Find-A-GameFind-A-Game is a cool hack that makes it so that whenever anyone opens a window that is named Woz! or Pong! the window is taken over by a game of Breakout or Pong respectively. by Nat McCullyFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
Mac at Your ServiceThis is a sound file that I like to have in my startup items folder that lest me know when it's finished loading. by Steven PassasFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
MacMolecule2 a la Breakoutby Sanford SelznickFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
MacsBug OSAThis is a simple application that implements OSA scripting for some MacsBug commands. By Tom BeckerFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
Melt the Control StripWe've found a way to channel the heat created by 604e processors into the screen and melt the control strip. Note, using this too much could be bad for your monitor. by Brian Gaeke and Dave BlundellFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
MonitorDoublerThis hack creates a small virtual monitor at the bottom of the main screen device onto which you can put such things as Control Strip and DragThing and other docks. by Pete GontierFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
NewsTickerNewsTicker is a utility for displaying the headlines from www.apple.com, www.news.com (technical news service provided by c|net), and www.cnn.com. It puts up a floating windowoid where the headlines scroll by. By Don BrownFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
Pick Me UpWhen you are feeling down and out and generally not happy, just hit your command key combo. By Joe Woo and Jason of PGPFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
Reveal ThyselfA couple of handy Applescripts for use with OSAMenu reworked into a useless hack.FTP Site #1FTP Site #2
StyledEditThis MacHack implements styled text for keywords in Metrowerk's and BBEdit's editing windows. By Matthew Xavier MoraFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
TempoHelperby Leonard Rosenthol & Shane LookerFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
The Dave Thomas Hack"The Dave Thomas Hack" is a social engineering hack, not a software hack. Read it for details. byAdam WildavskyFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
The Ugly StickThis hack was a result of one of us (Kevin) attending a session on MacOS 8 contextual menus, and thinking that it would make a cool basis to solve an annoying problem: PC text files are UGLY. by Kevin Hewitt & Timothy KnoxFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
Hanging By A ThreadHanging By A Thread lets you get work down while the menus are dangling. Watch for that Macsbug if you try a command-Q with the menus down! by Sean Parent, Jorg Brown, and Eric Traut.FTP Site #1FTP Site #2
VentriloquistIt is a hack that uses an init and two applications to allow you to type a message on one mac and have another mac on the network speak the text you typed, as you type it. by Roger RoelofsFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
Vertical Holdby Damon Cokenias, Alex Hopmann, Christopher EvansFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
VUlitesInsert audio CD. Play. Listen. Look at keyboard lights. by Avi DrissmanFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
Warriorıs ProgressWait while it queries CodeWarrior about your project. It will start CodeWarrior compiling, and display the progress. by Tom LippincottFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
WebAdderWebAdder is a companion to my "WebFree" ShareWare.

WebFree lets you remove advertisements, cookies, blinking text, and flashing graphics from web pages. It's a great product, but I ran into a problem: getting the word out.

So, I figured, what better way to publicize WebFree than web banner ads! With WebAdder, I can publicize WebFree on some of the finer Internet sites. by Steve Falkenburg

FTP Site #1FTP Site #2
Whack-A-BillWhat else needs to be said? by Aron TomsonFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
WhereTheHellWasIReading?Its an init that patches ScrollRect and does animated scrolling, showing, for examing, where the stuff at the bottom of the screen scrolls up to. by Pierre HoustonFTP Site #1FTP Site #2
Woz's "Music Box"If you missed the Woz's keynote, then it's hard to explain. by Chad MiliosFTP Site #1FTP Site #2

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