MacHack 17: Call for Speakers

MacHack: The Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers

Contact: Carol Lynn
c/o Expotech
1264 Bedford Road
Grosse Point Park, MI 48230

December 9, 2001-Dearborn, MI-This year saw the release of a major update to Mac OS X, the new iPod, and new applications such as iTunes. In spite of current world events, the Macintosh platform remains alive and well due to quality products and the ceaseless labors of legions of dedicated developers. MacHack, The Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers, is the premier forum for Mac OS developers to discuss, upgrade and show off their skills.

As always, MacHack sessions will provide insight into a variety of topics aimed at the technically astute. And as always, the marketers will remain at home.

MacHack solicits and accepts sessions on a wide variety of topics related to software (and hardware) development. Each accepted speaker receives discounted admission to the conference.

The MacHack session planners have laid out eight categories that cater to a range of interests:

MacHack sessions typically run about an hour. Speakers present to a "hands on" audience, an audience ready to test new ideas and try them out. For that reason, supporting code examples are strongly encouraged. While many new technologies are commercial, overt marketing is strongly discouraged.

Session proposals are required by February 1, 2002. Submit your ideas, outlines and proposals to We will work with you to refine your idea if necessary, and develop a proposal. Speakers will be notified once their proposals are accepted.

MacHack 17 will take place June 20-22, 2002, in Dearborn, Michigan. More information is available on the Web from

For attendees, discounted registration is available for early action. Full attendees can register for $425 online (before 02/28/02), a savings of $100 off the regular registration rate. Students can register for $50 which includes access to the entire conference as well as a special meal package. Total attendance is limited to 400. Student attendance is limited to 50. More details are available on the conference website.

See you there!

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