MacHack 18: MacHack Announces Pre-Conference Training

For Immediate Release

MacHack: the Advanced Developers Hands-On Conference

Contact: Carol Lynn
c/o Expotech
1264 Bedford Road
Grosse Point Park, MI 48230

Dearborn, Michigan - MacHack, the Advanced Developers Hands-On Conference, today announced one-day training sessions to be held on Wednesday, June 18. These intensive training sessions, designed to complement MacHack's three days of presentations and papers. Cocoa Software Development and Tcl/Tk training will be available.

"MacHack has always been focused on real-world problems and their solutions," said Avi Drissman, MacHack Sessions chairman. "So these training courses, which have a hands-on approach, are a perfect fit."

Cocoa training will be lead by veteran Macintosh developer Chris Hanson. The training will cover the full spectrum of Cocoa development from the declaration of classes and NSObject all the way to advanced UI elements and concepts, and will include lab exercises to allow attendees to understand the architecture from experience. Hanson has been developing software on the Macintosh for thirteen years, and using Cocoa for six. Through his consulting company,, he does custom Mac OS X development and porting and custom WebObjects development for corporate clients.

The Tcl/Tk training session will be led by Clif Flynt. The training covers Tcl syntax, commands, data types, Tk graphics widgets and describes using Tcl/Tk as scripting glue as well as an interpreter for standalone applications. It demonstrates Tcl's client/server socket support, namespaces, packages and more. This intense 8 hour session will enable someone previously unfamiliar with Tcl able to tackle any project. Clif Flynt has been a professional programmer since 1978 and a Tcl devotee since 1993. Clif wrote the TclTutor computer-aided instruction package, and writes the "Tclsh Spot" series for ;login: magazine. His books include _Tcl/Tk:_A_Developer's_Guide_, and _Tcl/Tk_for_Real_Programmers. He has taught at the college level, and provided Tcl/Tk training to corporations around the world.

Training fees are a modest $150 for registered MacHack attendees, and $300 for others. Full course outlines and registion information are available at the conference website .

MacHack conference registration costs $500 (a $50 discount until 4/15/03) and includes access to all conference events, 3 meals and the conference banquet. Of course, attendance of the legendary Hack Show hosted by the MacHax Group is mandatory. Secure registration and more information are available at the conference website. MacHack 18 will take place June 19-21, 2003, in Dearborn, Michigan. More information is available on the Web from

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