MacHack 18: Unstoppable

MacHack: By Developers, For Developers

Contact: Carol Lynn
c/o Expotech
1264 Bedford Road
Grosse Point Park, MI 48230

May 19, 2003-Dearborn, MI-Times change. Economics. Politics. War. Schedules. Conflicts. One thing is for sure: MacHack 18 remains a go. The sessions program is strong. The keynote is compelling. The volunteers and planning committee are moving forward. MacHack is Unstoppable.

"We've kept working despite all the changes around us," said Dave Koziol, Conference Chairman. "It was just so clear what the theme should be: MacHack: Unstoppable"

Mindful of the inevitability of their own conference and the unstoppability of it all, the committee looked for a suitable symbol for things that keep moving no matter what. It turned out that the committee needed look no further than their own Mac screen. Apple's own "busy cursor" is the inspiration for this year's MacHack theme element, the SPoD or "Spinning Pizza of Death".

"It was obvious," said Allon Stern, MacHack Theme Coordinator. "With OSX, your Mac keeps on churning with or without you. What could be more unstoppable than that?"

Using the SPoD to illustrate MacHack: Unstoppable, the committee has settled on the first multichromatic theme in years. Starting today, the website has been reworked to incorporate the SPoD. All conference materials will feature "MacHack:Unstoppable" and the SPoD theme element.

Conference attendees can expect more SPoD related surprises during the Unstoppable conference that is MacHack 18.

Conference registration costs $550 and includes access to all conference events, 3 meals and the conference banquet. Of course, attendance of the legendary Hack Show is mandatory. Preconference training on Cocoa and Tcl/Tk is available June 18th for an additional charge. Secure registration and more information are available at the conference website. MacHack 18 will take place June 19-21, 2003, in Dearborn, Michigan. More information is available on the Web from .

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