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MacHack Press Releases:

6/5/03 Scott Knaster, Superstar Author, Industry Veteran, Microsoft Escapee to Egg On Unstoppable Conference
5/19/03 MacHack 18: Unstoppable
4/11/03 Early Registration Deadline Ends April 15th
4/7/03 MacHack Announces Pre-Conference Training
3/25/03 Spunky MacHack stays on Calendar Despite Apple WWDC Move
3/13/03 Sessions, Papers Announced
11/22/02 Call for Speakers
10/23/02 Present a Paper at MacHack
10/1/02 Keynote 2003: Ken Arnold
7/15/02 MacHack 2003 Dates Announced!
5/28/02 MacHack 2002: CmdrTaco to Speak at MacHack
5/17/02 Theme, Preliminary Sessions List Announced
5/13/02 Student Registration Closes, Volunteer Opportunities Available
4/15/02 Early Registration Deadline
4/14/02 Papers Finalists Announced
3/25/02 Keynote Announced: Tim O'Reilly
1/3/02 MacHack 17: Call for Papers
12/19/01 MacHack 17: Call for Speakers
11/19/01 MacHack 2002 Dates Announced, Registration Open
6/28/01 MacHack 2001 CD Available for Purchase
5/21/01 Fireside Chat with Woz
5/18/01 Student Registration Closes, Volunteer Opportunities Available
4/10/01 And Then There Were Six
3/8/01 Jef Raskin Joins Keynote Panel
2/21/01 Ultimate Keynote Expands
2/8/01 Keynote Announced: The Ultimate Macintosh Engineering Reunion